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Sun Valley Contemporary Gallery | Aaron Hazel

Aaron Hazel is a celebrated artist known for his captivating wildlife depictions and his constant pursuit of new subject matter. He has received national recognition and has been showcased in various publications. With a B.F.A. from Whitman College, Hazel was also part of the basketball team during his time there. Combining […]

Hemmings Gallery | Sally King Benedict

Sally King Benedict Opening Reception July 5 Sally King Benedict Opening Reception July 5 Sally King Benedict’s exuberant style is unmistakable thanks to her expert use of color and dynamic brushwork. Known for her figurative and abstract work, Benedict has built an impressive following, including features in Elle Decor, House […]

Gail Severn Gallery – July

Pegan Brooke Pegan Brooke is an abstract oil painter working in a minimalist style and monochromatic palette. She mixes metallic pigments with her medium, adding a rich sheen and texture to each staccato brushstroke. Brooke carefully organizes her compositions into grids, giving structure to hundreds of reflective swaths of paint. […]

Gilman Contemporary – Nick Brandt and Thai Mainhard

Nick BrandtSINK / RISE Gilman Contemporary presents the US exhibition debut of Photographer Nick Brandt’s SINK / RISE, the third chapter of the ongoing series “The Day May Break.” The continuing series portrays those impacted by environmental destruction due to climate change. Previous chapters of the series depicted people and […]

Ochi Gallery – Rives Granade and Vincent Pocsik

OCHI is pleased to present Silent Spines, a two-person exhibition of new work by Los Angeles-based artists Rives Granade and Vincent Pocsik. This is Granade’s fifth presentation, with the gallery and Pocsik’s first. Silent Spines will be on view at OCHI, located at 119 Lewis Street in Ketchum, through July […]

Kneeland Gallery – Andrew Bolam, Lori McNee, and Dave LaMure

Andrew Bolam, Lori McNee, and Dave LaMure Artists’ Reception Friday, July 5, 5-7:30pm This will be English-born Andrew Bolam’s first exhibition at the gallery. His acrylic paintings follow two separate yet linked directions-building abstract marks into recognizable imagery and using silhouettes of animals to elicit an emotional connection to his […]

Gallery Walks

2018 GALLERY WALKS Friday, February 16 Fridary, March 9 Friday, July 6 Friday, August 3 Friday, August 31 Friday, November 23 – Giving Walk 4-6 p.m. Friday, December 28 www.svgalleries.org