Ochi Gallery Presents Adam Beris July 23 – September 3

Monday Morning
Adam Beris
July 23 – September 3

OCHI IS PLEASED TO PRESENT MONDAY MORNING, A SOLO EXHIBITION OF NEW PAINTINGS by Los Angeles-based artist Adam Beris. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery.

Drawing from an existentially observational sense of place and a playful approach to the material, Beris’ self-described ‘grass paintings’ evoke finite fields of visual language and familiar objects. In each work, the artist recreates patches of a neighborhood park riddled with ephemera left behind from parties, playdates, and picnics. Squeezing paint directly from the tube onto the canvas, Beris builds each bulbous blade of grass to render a three-dimensional assortment of hidden objects strategically placed and peering through the abstracted foliage. In searching for these Easter eggs, the audience recontextualizes discarded objects with little perceived value and resurrects them as signifiers of a present place and time—satirical evidence that the artist leaves the studio.

Poker cards, action figures, plastic insects, and dice appear tucked away under paint, repetitively layered in a gesture towards unpredictability and chaos. Car keys, party decorations, and other symptoms of capitalistic excess are littered throughout, creating a synthesis of human interruptions to natural growth. Beris meticulously harmonizes both the raw materiality of paint and the object. Overly simplified baseball, flower, and cigarette icons blur the lines between consumption and creation, sign, and signifier. Each object—trash, treasure, or stylized depiction—carries equal importance in Beris’ landscapes.

Balancing simplicity and hidden depths with patience, skill, and humor, each work in Monday Morning presents an immersive viewing experience that is both unusual and quotidian, engaging, and meditative. With a borderline fetishistic appreciation of the physical qualities of paint, Beris pokes fun at formalized art-making traditions as he privileges the purity of the material.

119 Lewis Street | Ketchum