Trailing of the Sheep Festival

October 10–14, 2018 The Trailing of the Sheep Festival is a celebration of the stories and rich history of the

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Room Service delivers love by Sabina Dana Plasse with photos by Kirsten Shultz

If you only know Scott Glenn, as an actor, you may not associate him with poetry. However, if you know

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Cirque Series by Sabina Dana Plasse

The Cirque Series may appear to be the ultimate test to a mountain athlete’s mettle, but it’s actually an event

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Art & Galleries

The Empress of Water by Sabina Dana Plasse

Wood River Valley artist Wendy Pabich is the owner of Mad Honey Studio, a water scientist, artist, and, most of

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WinterCation in Stanley by Sabina Dana Plasse

Now that the high season has passed and Stanley settles into winter, it could be the respite you’ve been seeking.

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