Sun Valley Contemporary Gallery | Grand Opening

The Sun Valley Contemporary Gallery is excited to open its doors to the Sun Valley community for Gallery Walk on Friday, December 29, and invite art collectors, aficionados, and lovers to peruse our dynamic roster of artists, who are established and mid-career, encompassing a diversity of styles and mediums reflecting the vibrant tapestry of the contemporary art landscape.

The gallery and its founders have over 50 years of working experience in the arts, and the collection for the gallery’s grand opening has been assembled by a staff of well-educated young professionals who understand and respect the mission of Sun Valley Contemporary Gallery. This special occasion includes works by multidisciplinary artist Jane Waterous with art from her most recent Gatherings series.

“‘Everything that matters in life happens when we gather’” is the motto I live by,” says Waterous. “My art is all about human connection and the moments when, together, we love, laugh, and live our lives to the fullest. My Gatherings collection is inspired by our daily interactions and the celebration of life. From the spontaneous delight of children uniting in play to the joy at the arrival gate as family and friends reunite. Whether spontaneous or planned, every day or celebratory, the need and desire for human connection is all around us. I have created pieces for Sun Valley Contemporary Gallery that reflect LOVE, JOY, and PEACE as these are the common threads in LIFE that bind us.”

320 1st Avenue North | Ketchum