Gail Severn Gallery – July

Pegan Brooke
Pegan Brooke is an abstract oil painter working in a minimalist style and monochromatic palette. She mixes metallic pigments with her medium, adding a rich sheen and texture to each staccato brushstroke. Brooke carefully organizes her compositions into grids, giving structure to hundreds of reflective swaths of paint. These paintings are conceived with meditative repetition, organically evoking the sense of light falling on water or snow. Pegan Brooke’s work is in public and private collections, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and U.S. Embassies in Sri Lanka and Bolivia.

Gwynn Murrill
Gwynn Murrill’s life-sized bronze sculptures depict regal animals such as horses, bears, coyotes, and eagles. The artist stylizes her subjects into purified forms, emphasizing primal characteristics and transmogrifying each animal’s unique spirit. Murrill simultaneously distinguishes, yet obscures, by sculpting figures that are at once based in realism and fiercely enigmatic. Murrill expertly transforms such heavy and static material as bronze into figures stirred with subtle movement and dynamic energy. A few of many of Murrill’s accolades include a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Prix di Roma Fellowship, and a Purchase Award from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Betsy Margolius
Betsy Margolius approaches the subject of flora with different impulses and considerations. In a highly saturated, free-form style, Margolius abstracts nature’s many forms and rhythms. Collecting ideas and visions from the natural world, the artist arranges her composition like a bouquet of colorful bursts and vibrating floral forms. Margolius creates her environments and invites the viewer to awaken their senses.

By Pegan Brooke
oil on canvas
66” x 52”

Winter Bouquet IV
By Betsy Margolius

oil on panel
12” x 24”

Peonies & Roses
By Betsy Margolius
mixed media on paper
48” x 31”


400 1st Avenue North | Ketchum