Gail Severn Gallery – October and November

Gail Severn Gallery 

Color VII
This exhibition is composed of paintings, works on paper, and sculpture characterized by powerful hues. Artists like Raphaëlle Goethals and Rana Rochat use encaustic, or pigmented wax, in different ways to create deeply saturated abstract works of art. Marcia Myers utilizes natural pigments and broad color fields to capture the essence of Italian Fresco in a modern fashion. Gary Komarin, a master of Post-Painterly Abstraction, has been at the forefront of contemporary art with a bold, expressionistic style. The exhibition will additionally feature work by Tom Hammick, Cole Morgan, Allison Stewart, and Scott Blaser, among others.

Flora & Fauna
This group exhibition celebrates the changing seasons and the beauty found in nature’s vibrant palette. The exhibition features a selection of artwork serving to illustrate the playful connections amidst wildlife. Artists such as Diane Andrews Hall, Jane Rosen, Hung Liu, Robb Putnam, Carolyn Olbum, Gwynn Murrill, Pamela DeTuncq, Kiki Smith, Robert McCauley, Chris Maynard, Kathy Moss, Betsy Margolius, Laura McPhee, and Don and Era Farnsworth, offer unique views on the great outdoors, inviting us to see our landscape through their lens.

Honoring Our Landscape XII
This group exhibition explores the artistic interpretation of our lands by nationally renowned painters, photographers, and sculptors. This includes work by Victoria Adams, who’s carefully rendered oils recall the majesty and unadulterated landscapes of the Hudson River School. James Cook’s thickly painted oils are an epic and expressive vision of The Sawtooths and surrounding mountain ranges, rushing rivers, and babbling brooks of the West. Michael Gregory’s iconic paintings of barns and homesteads reflect on the beauty of isolation found in the Western American Landscape. Additional artists featured in the show include Theodore Waddell, Sheila Gardner, Divit Cardoza, and Berkeley Hoerr, among others.

Robert McCauley
A solo exhibition featuring new paintings by Robert McCauley, inspired by his Native American artifact collection. Over the last 35 years, McCauley has expertly honed his depictions of Western wildlife, such as trout, bears, deer, and moose. Though his style is rooted in the tradition of 19th-century American Romanticism, his narratives are contemporary, timely, and relevant. McCauley addresses themes and issues of cultures in collision, environmental ethics, and humankind’s impact on other species.

Past As Prologue
A preview of the artwork and exhibitions to come in 2024.


Mill Creek – Summer St. #1
By James Cook
Oil on canvas
48” x 48”

By Robert McCauley
Oil on canvas/panel
24” x 36”

Suite of Blue Sea, Salina
By Gary Komarin
Oil on canvas
60” x 48”

Fall Aspens
By Divit Cardoza
Watercolor on paper
40” x 60”

Traverse (SSC), (1/13)
By Tom Hammick
Edition variable reduction woodcut
65” x 47.25”

Abstract #59
By Scott Blaser
Acrylic on Fabriano paper
30” x 22”

Snowcat II
By Margaret Keelan
Clay, glaze, and stain
15” x 7”

400 1st Avenue North | Ketchum