Gail Severn Gallery – Maggie Shafran, Gary Komarin

MAGGIE SHAFRAN IS A MULTIDISCIPLINARY ARTIST IN OILS, PLASTER CASTING, GRAPHITE, PHOTOGRAPHY, AND COLLAGE. The poetry of her process is inherent to her work, echoing themes of impermanence, transformation, and the human impulse to capture and preserve. Shafran is inspired by classic portraiture and still life tradition, visually and symbolically deconstructing art historical tropes. Maggie’s studio is based in Idaho, but she is completing her MFA at ULA Camberwell in London, UK. This will be her first exhibition at Gail Severn Gallery, featuring new work in various mediums.

Gary Komarin
A MASTER OF POST-PAINTERLY ABSTRACTION, GARY KOMARIN HAS BEEN AT THE FOREFRONT OF CONTEMPORARY ART with a bold yet whimsical style. Over the course of his career, Komarin has developed his unique iconography and flare that garners international recognition. Komarin’s paintings have been exhibited alongside the work of “post-war” masters such as Joan Mitchell, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Philip Guston. This solo exhibition will feature new paintings by Komarin, who invites viewers into a world dictated by color and form.

Group Exhibition
The March Gail Severn Gallery group exhibition features Kathy Moss, Betsy Margolius, Chris Maynard, Carolyn Olbum, Raphaëlle Goethals, Nicholas Africano, Therman Statom, Pegan Brooke, Jane Rosen, and others.
April/May 2023

Spring Group Exhibitions
For April and May, Gail Severn Gallery will include three different shows featuring: landscapes and other interpretations of nature; using color as metaphor; and a third show comprised of editioned works on paper. Select artists include Theodore Waddell, Kathy Moss, Michael Gregory, Laura McPhee, James Cook, Robert McCauley, Chris Maynard, Allison Stewart, Diane Andrews Hall, Dennis Mitchell, Kenna Moser, Kara Maria, Jane Rosen, Gwynn Murrill, Carolyn Olbum, Bean Finneran, Gary Komarin, Marcia Myers, Rana Rochat, Raphaëlle Goethals, Hung Liu, Squeak Carnwath, Judith Kindler, Maggie Shafran, and others.

400 1st Avenue North | Ketchum