Kneeland Gallery – Robert Moore, Steven Lee Adams, Shanna Kunz

Robert Moore, Steven Lee Adams, Shanna Kunz
Artists’ Reception on Friday, December 29, 5-7:30pm

Renowned Plein Air painter Robert Moore serves as an inspiration and mentor to many accomplished painters. His technique involves applying a multitude of oil hues onto his canvas then working a palette knife with both hands until his composition emerges from the apparent chaos of texture and color. The process is all the more extraordinary, given the fact that Moore suffers from partial color blindness.

A long-time favorite of our clients, Steven Adams, strives in his work to portray the elusive feeling of timelessness beneath objects that might otherwise seem commonplace. Preferring to paint a broken fence or a ditch to a majestic mountain, he endeavors to communicate the beauty in his subject matter and to haunt the viewer.

Utah artist Shanna Kunz offers different interpretations of the landscape of her area through the use of a warm palette and the play of mood, light, and color.  Each location she paints is an encounter with the land, the trees, and the waters that give her a sense of connection and order.

Dancing in the Moonlight
By Shanna Kunz
Oil on linen
20” x 16”

Morning on High
By Steven Adams
Oil on canvas
16” x 30”

Murdock Creek
By Robert Moore
Oil on canvas
24” x 20″

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Kneeland Gallery