Kneeland Gallery – Andrzej Skorut, Silas Thompson, and Seth Winegar

Andrzej Skorut, Silas Thompson, and Seth Winegar
Exhibition through April 2023

SILAS THOMPSON HAS QUICKLY BECOME A FAMILIAR NAME AMONG COLLECTORS. On annual backpacking trips with his father, he began to treasure the distinct birthmarks and icons of beautiful rivers, valleys, and mountains that carve through the high desert and farmlands of the West. His desire to create work that evokes a memory continues to be a driving force that has pushed Silas to be innovative in his choice of subject matter and composition.

Andrzej Skorut was born and spent his early years in Krakow, Poland, before immigrating to the U.S. in 1987. At first glance, his paintings appear to be simple landscapes, but further study reveals that they are as abstract as they are representational. He reveals concealed depths within his surfaces through layers of paint and glaze, which he then partially removes with rags, sticks, and other objects.

Utah artist Seth Winegar paints unique tonalist landscapes of the West, marked by broad brush strokes and subtle colors. Having overcome severe health challenges in his youth, he has immersed himself solely in his artwork, and when asked why he paints, he responds, “That’s like asking me why I breathe…it’s instinctual.”

271 1st Avenue North | Ketchum
Kneeland Gallery