Hemmings Gallery: Frances B. Ashforth

Frances B. Ashforth
Monotypes, drawings, and paintings

Land, water, mountains, and deserts are what inspire Frances B. Ashforth. Her passion for flyfishing and time spent in remote places has allowed her to experience sparsely populated and wild lands across the United States. In her latest exhibit, “Lay of the Land,” at Hemmings Gallery, Ashforth’s spare paintings, drawings, and waterbase monotypes reflect the geography and geology of intersecting habitats that she has visited and studied.

She often orients her compositions along a strong horizon line, exploring its relationships within land, water, and sky. Ashforth states, “I am acutely aware of the tension and balance within that line. Weather patterns and time of day temper this balance and translate to composition.” She manipulates light, perspective, and contrasts within the elements of the studied habitats. Her work can appear deceptively simple and spare, yet by focusing on the details and editing the composition, Ashforth’s work evokes memory and knowledge that can only evolve from the focused study of a particular landscape.

Various Artists

Curated selection of monotypes from Aurobora fine art studio’s archive. Includes non-editioned, unique works on paper by leading artists such as Yunhee Min, Lynda Benglis, Richmond Burton, Fraser Taylor, Pia Fries, and Joanne Greenbaum.

Sarah Bird
Oil Paintings

Sarah Bird is an Idaho-based painter. Drawing on techniques from a background in realism but referencing the warped perspectives of Flemish Primitive paintings, Bird weaves landscape and still life together to create self-determined worlds. Layering and re-arranging motifs from the history of Western oil painting, she uses an old language to depict her contemporary life and to vividly describe personal objects set against deep horizons. The recipient of a 2017 Idaho Arts Grant, her paintings have been shown in New York, Los Angeles, and Block Island, Rhode Island.

Indigo Study
By Frances B. Ashforth
22” x 22″

Engravings Schwarze Blumen A11
By Pia Fries
Monotype with transfer on cardboard
24” x 34.5″

By Sarah Bird
Oil painting


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