Kate Bosworth: Pioneer Woman by Hayden Seder

Being a woman today, particularly in Hollywood, can often be polarizing, resulting in the cognitive dissonance of trying to be beautiful without being overly sexual, smart without being a know-it-all, powerful without being perceived as bossy or difficult. Kate Bosworth—actress, producer, and activist—manages to be completely badass, honest, and outspoken […]

Positive, Radiant Health for the New Year by Molly Brown

We all desire health, that state of completeness that includes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Each of us can personally facilitate a state of health in many ways, and one of the best places to start is through the food we eat. Slight changes to your grocery list and your […]

TEDx Sun Valley by Meg Vorm

I’m meeting with an energy consultant, a fashion malfunction expert, a computer chip designer, and an event coordinator to discuss their upcoming project: a one-day event featuring 16 speakers, an audience capped at 300, and presentations 9-15 minutes long centered on the theme, “Fall Forward.” This diverse group of locals […]

Sun Valley Ballet Festival

The Festival will bring together dancers from leading ballet companies across the globe and will include stars from American Ballet Theatre, the Mariinsky Ballet, the Royal Danish Ballet, New York City Ballet, the Royal Ballet, and San Francisco Ballet. Read more here.

Isabella Boylston by Meg Vorm

When you see her dance, it’s easy to be lulled by the grace of her movements and miss the strength and power required to actually do what she’s doing. It’s as if it’s an optical illusion because, like every great athlete, she makes it look easy. You can’t help it; […]