Author: SVPNmag

Harvey Art Projects Presents the Women’s Show Through July 5

In the late 1980s, women artists took the reins of the contemporary Aboriginal art movement in Australia. After years of working in the shadows, assisting their fathers and husbands, they burst onto the scene, giving it a new vitality and dynamism. Female artists redrew the boundaries of Aboriginal art and […]

Frederic Boloix Fine Arts

Frederic Boloix Fine Arts Ongoing Frederic Boloix Fine Arts is showing a new series of sculpted paintings by Austrian artist Martin Herbst. This collection transforms several of the most iconic images, such as Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring and Gainsborough’s Blue Boy, into something entirely new and disruptive to […]

Broschofsky Gallery

July 2022 BROSCHOFSKY GALLERIES FEATURES AN ARRAY OF SUBJECTS AND INTERPRETATIONS OF THE AMERICAN WEST, historic through contemporary. For July, the gallery presents a selection of photographs from Edward Curtis’ project, The North American Indian (1898-1928). Throughout this 30-year project, Curtis documented every tribe west of the Mississippi. Landscape works […]