Friesen+Lantz Fine Art – PLEASE TOUCH THE ART

July 7

Exhibition Opening 5:00 -7:30pm

Friesen+Lantz Fine Art kicks off our bold summer season with an immersive, hands-on exhibition titled “Please Touch the Art.” Visitors to the gallery will each be given a pair of white gloves upon their arrival and will be allowed to physically touch every artwork in the show. From engaging with ceramic sculptures to carvings, glass, and more, we hope this format will bring a deeper understanding of the process and bridge the gap between intrigue and ownership. Featured artists include sculptors Dennis Evans + Nancy Mee, glass weaver Anna Skibska, encaustic artist Suzanne Hazlett, and ceramicist Patrick Hall.

“Directness, contrast, organized, contextual, resolved, contemplative are qualities I pursue for my work,” says Hall. “My aesthetic concerns revolve around an object’s presence, its posture, how the object affects or commands the space around it, its function and efficiency in articulating itself, as well as where it fits into the heredity of its genre. These principles apply to the design of a house or a humble tea bowl, and everything in between. The work at its best reveals what and how the material best expresses itself through the making process without ornamentation or fussiness.”


Phantasmagoric Ship
by Anna Skibska
30”x 18”x 15”

Ruckled Vase
by Patrick Hall
Stoneware, porcelain, and glaze
15.5” x 13.5”

by Patrick Hall
White stoneware, silver leaf, acrylic, and glaze
13” x 16”


320 1st Avenue | Ketchum