Friesen+Lantz Fine Art presents The Healing Garden New works by Dara Mark, July 2022

Friesen+Lantz Fine Art

July 2022

Acclaimed watercolor artist Dara Mark presents a moving body of work surrounding grieving, loss, and the journey towards healing. Entitled The Healing Garden, Mark’s newest exhibition and meditation on these themes opens July 8 at 5pm and coincides with Sun Valley Gallery Association’s Gallery Walk.

Mark is a Santa Fe-based artist who works primarily with watercolor on Yupo paper, a recyclable, waterproof, tree-free synthetic paper. For Mark, Yupo paper’s most defining quality is its transparency. Threading together strips of painted Yupo paper allows the viewer to see through the watercolor into a translucent world of light, color, flow, and balance.

“Transparency, color, and visual flow are the big draws for me. My materials are all transparent or translucent to allow the layering and filtering of colored light. I work intuitively and let the colors, light, and paint qualities suggest the direction of the artwork,” says Mark.

This exhibition, The Healing Garden, represents a journey through grief and loss that resonates powerfully. “The paintings in this exhibition were made over the five-year period after my husband died. Each of them reflects my emotional state during the process of grieving and healing and describes in abstract terms an arc of personal growth,” she shares. “The paintings were not conceived of as therapy per se but as the only way forward for me as an artist. My hope is that a viewer will sense the increasing freedom and vitality in the work as the series developed. Artist and viewer can share in this transformational journey.”

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