Broschofsky Gallery

July 2022

BROSCHOFSKY GALLERIES FEATURES AN ARRAY OF SUBJECTS AND INTERPRETATIONS OF THE AMERICAN WEST, historic through contemporary. For July, the gallery presents a selection of photographs from Edward Curtis’ project, The North American Indian (1898-1928). Throughout this 30-year project, Curtis documented every tribe west of the Mississippi.

Landscape works highlight recent acquisitions of paintings by Russell Chatham, who died on November 10, 2019. Viewing a Chatham painting, one typically gets a feeling of recognition of place. However, what is revealed is a sense of emotion that goes deeper than the visual mind.

The gallery also presents Theodore Villa’s work, which is distinctive in its dazzling saturation of watercolor paints. Of Apache heritage, Villa finds his subject in imagery from his Native American culture.
Also on view are works by Billy Schenck, who focuses upon western imagery in his paintings, producing flat poster-like imagery characteristic of pop art with iconic western motifs. His paintings exemplify “the myth of the hero and the truth of America.”

Broschofsky Galleries also shows works by, Ewoud deGroot, Glen Edwards, Jan Grotenbreg, William Matthews, Gordon McConnell, Ken Peloke, Rudi Broschofsky, Fritz Scholder, Andy Warhol, David Yarrow, and Russell Young.


Broschofsky Galleries
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