Broschofsky Gallery – Ken Peloke

February 2023

Through experimentation and self-teaching, Ken Peloke has learned to use all of his past works, whether it be landscapes, people, animals, abstracts, design, and photography, in his current work. A move to Scottsdale, Arizona, inspired a current direction, with Peloke finding inspiration by spending time with his wife’s horses. Peloke has discovered their beauty, their athleticism, and also their innocence. His bold, large-scale pieces capture the pure essence of the horse while still challenging his artistic talents. His multimedia approach creates depth and incredible realism in his pieces, giving them a one-of-a-kind contemporary appeal.

“I work with many layers, different substrates, and all types of media. Instead of using colors to create depth; I use my surface. I feel it is the most important element of my work.”
– Ken Peloke

by Ken Peloke
oil on panel
48” x 36”

Ken Peloke
oil on Panel
48” x 88”


Broschofsky Galleries
360 East Avenue | Ketchum