Wood River Artist Open Studio Tour

AUGUST 18 & 19, 2023

Artists from all over the Wood River Valley will open their studios in 2023.

This tour is free and open to everyone.

The pace will be leisurely, with time for visitors to discuss techniques and inspiration with the artists themselves and perhaps choose a special piece with a meaningful story behind it. The tour is also a great time to introduce the younger generation to the world of the professional artist.

A map will be published in The Idaho Mountain Express before the event and the flyers with the map will also be posted around the valley. All pertinent contact information will be included for each of the twenty artists.

Please email  for further information about this special event

In these days of molasses-speed supply chains and slowed down shipping, it makes even more sense to shop locally from artists who have stock on hand ready to hand over to you! Please join us in 2023 for this intimate view into the heart of Wood River Valley art.